Asset Management

Take advantage now of CSB’s many years of industry experience and its global network of experts in high-yield investments.

With a wealth management mandate, tailored to your needs, you invest with the best advisor at your side.

Your portfolio is carefully managed by the best professionals on a discretionary basis, in line with your investment objectives, preferences and personal financial situation.

How does CSB Asset Management work?

CSB Asset Management allows you to protect and increase the value of your capital over time. We define an investment path consistent with your needs and manage it over time to maximise return opportunities.

1. We understand your goals

Fill in our online questionnaire to identify your investor profile and discover, with the help of our Advisors, the investment plan we have designed for you. Your investor profile allows us to offer you tailor-made asset management to protect your capital and make it grow over time, whatever your objective.

2. Defining your portfolio

Once you have defined the investment portfolio that best suits your objectives, you can start investing easily and intuitively from your personal area. With our Asset Management you have no constraints and can increase your investment periodically at no additional cost with our Accumulation Plan.

3. We provide you with a dedicated consultant

An independent Advisor is always available by phone, chat or email to support you along the way. The advisor updates you on portfolio management and helps you make the best choices for a safe investment for you, while our management team takes care of building and updating your portfolio.

4. We guide your investment

A winning strategy requires careful portfolio management. Our management team dictates the investment strategy and constantly monitors the portfolios to make sure you are always in line with your end goal and implement any interventions made necessary by market changes.