New Crypto Trading Pairs: Here’s everything you need to know

As part of our ever-growing selection of crypto assets for trading and investing, we launched a total of 14 new cryptocurrency trading pairs on the platform. These additional tools will allow you to achieve greater diversification, explore new markets and add more efficiency to your crypto portfolio.

Continuing to play a leading role in the fintech revolution, we are proud to present a brand new CopyFund, a first-of-its-kind financial instrument that will allow everyone to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies have been all the rage in the first half of 2017 and demand has quadrupled.

Making it easy to invest in cryptocurrencies

Despite growing demand, the cryptocurrency market still intimidates many people. Investing in the best cryptocurrencies is an extremely complex process, requiring an understanding of blockchain technology and knowledge of risk management and security. Fortunately, the new Crypto CopyFund will give anyone a safe way to invest in the cryptocurrency market using CSB’s user-friendly and regulated platform.
The Crypto CopyFund was created by the investment committee of CSB, which also actively manages it. Thus, users can invest in cryptocurrencies safe in the knowledge that their money is managed for maximum efficiency. That is why the Crypto CopyFund is rebalanced every month.


The Crypto CopyFund offers a diversified and balanced portfolio focused on cryptocurrencies with a market capitalisation of at least $1 billion (rounded up to 2%) and an average daily trading volume of more than $20 million throughout the month. The weight of each CopyFund component is decided on the basis of market capitalisation, with a minimum of 5%.

The investment committee will relaunch the Crypto CopyFund every first trading day of the month. The exclusion of a currency from the CopyFund will occur if its market capitalisation falls below $1 billion, or if the average daily trading volume falls below $20 million.

The total daily investment will be limited for the Crypto CopyFund, based on the order in which orders arrive. Once the daily limit is reached, the CopyFund will be closed for new investments until reopening the next day. Closing of open positions in the Crypto CopyFund will not be limited and will be possible at any time.